How an MSME Loan Can Help Your Small Business Grow

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There was a business owner who ran a micro, small, and medium-sized firm. His company has been doing well for the last two years. As his firm grew, so did the need to expand it and accept big orders from customers.

He required a large sum of money, perhaps Rs.20 lakh, to lease a large area in order to develop his company operations and handle bulk orders from customers. Because he had no other means of funding, he decided to sell his ancestral property, liquidate it, and invest the proceeds in the company.

On the other hand, he was well aware that selling his ancestral house would be a bad choice in the long term. That’s when one of his friends suggested he apply for an MSME loan of up to Rs.30 lakh from a reputable lender, with a reduced interest rate and a longer duration.

If you are an MSME company owner who needs to develop his or her firm and is considering liquidating any of your assets, MSME financing is a suitable option.

What exactly is an MSME loan?
If you own a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs), you may borrow up to Rs.30 lakh from any of the main online lenders.

These loans are popular among small company owners since they have lower interest rates and a longer repayment period, allowing you to pay less EMIs.

Why is an MSME loan a fantastic choice for giving your firm wings?

1) A loan of up to Rs.30 lakh is available.
When you have access to up to Rs.30 lakh for your business requirements, you can simply concentrate on your company and steer it in the proper way.

2) The flex loan feature
When you receive an MSME loan from a reputable lender, you also get the Flexi loan feature, which allows you to simply borrow an amount from the overall limit based on your requirements. You may save money by paying just the interest as an EMI on the amount borrowed. The remaining funds are adjusted at the conclusion of the loan term.

3) Quicker processing
Because the MSME loan is a collateral-free loan, you may benefit from speedier loan processing, which means your loan application is handled within 24 hours. As a consequence, when your loan is approved promptly, the money is disbursed immediately.

4) Broader tenor to meet your requirements
You may concentrate on your MSME company without worrying about loan payments since you can choose a longer term ranging from one year to five years. As a result, you may pay lesser EMIs over a longer period of time and concentrate on your company rather than the repayment.

5) Account administration through the internet
Obtaining an MSME loan from a reputable lender allows you to obtain loan information directly via the digital client portal. It allows you to follow the status of your loan from anywhere and at any time.

Eligibility for MSME loans

To qualify for an MSME loan, you must meet some of the lenders’ basic MSME loan eligibility requirements, such as:

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 25 and 55.
  • Your MSME firm should have a three-year or longer track record.
  • You must have filed an Income Tax Return (ITR) on behalf of your company during the past year.

In conclusion
When you have an MSME loan to assist you meet your full small company demands, don’t worry about liquidating your assets or taking credit from your family. You may begin by applying for an MSME loan online.

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